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Offer Reference : 2772
Mercedes Benz E Class Diesel Saloon
E300de AMG Line 9G-Tronic Auto
Mercedes Benz E Class Diesel Saloon E300de AMG Line 9G-Tronic Auto Business Contract Hire 6x35 10000
Available from
+ VAT per month
Contract details
Business Contract Hire
Payment Profile : 6x35
Initial Payment : £2699.46
10000 miles per annum

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    Check out our Contract Hire and Leasing Guide

    All Vehicle Contracts’ Leasing guide is as transparent as our on-line quotation platform. You can explore the benefits, as well as the pros and cons of both business and personal contract hire and leasing and the most commonly asked questions
    • Business Contract Hire

      Business contract hire has been a popular form of funding for companies for many years. But what is it, how does it work and how could it benefit you?

      AVC’s clear, impartial Business Contract Hire guide gives you all the information that you are likely to need if you are considering taking out such a lease. If you are looking for a new vehicle or fleet of vehicles that benefit from the latest fuel efficiency technologies and specifications, low initial payments and tax benefits, business contract hire could be the perfect solution for your company.

    • Personal Contract Hire

      What are the benefits of personal contract hire? Why would I want to rent a car when I could own one? If the latter is bothering you, have a think about why so many people have already made the switch from keeping cars for a long period of time – often on finance for a fair proportion of the term of ownership.

      PCH offers individuals the chance to acquire a new car for the duration of the contract term, put down a low initial payment, benefit from the latest vehicle fuel economy, specification and safety technologies and spend less* maintaining their vehicle than on an older car where more substantial repairs may often be required, often without notice.

    • PCP Personal Contract Purchase

      Do you want to find out more about personal contract purchase (PCP) and compare it to alternative forms of individual vehicle funding that you may have been researching?

      AVC have put together this PCP guide with all of the facts here for you to peruse at any time of the day or night, to suit you. Once you are familiar with personal contract purchase, you can get an instant online PCP quote on our website and see if the figures stack up for you together with the benefits that this car finance type offers.

    • Finance Lease

      What is finance lease? Is it vehicle finance, like hire purchase or lease purchase? Or is it the same as a straightforward contract hire or lease package?

      It is, in fact, a stand-alone contract type that is especially well-worth looking into if you are a business user. Find out why and how it works in AVC’s helpful, no-nonsense finance lease guide.
    • Contract Hire with Maintenance

      Have you ever wondered what contract hire with maintenance includes? Is it really worth paying extra money for this service when you are leasing a brand-new vehicle? Or is it just an added extra that you don’t really need?

      There are many reasons why contract hire with maintenance makes good sense to any individual or business user – find out how it can help you budget and fix the total cost of your motoring and in many instances, save you money over the term of your lease with AVC’s handy, impartial and helpful guide.
    • Personal Contract Hire with Maintenance

      If you are an individual who has owned or leased a vehicle before, you will be aware that regular servicing and maintenance is crucial to keep the car or van running smoothly and with new cars, to keep the warranty valid.

      Taking out a maintenance contract should certainly be considered if only for comparison purposes, as it can help you budget and fix your cost of motoring. There are many reasons why the extra monthly cost for this service is designed to save you money and it is also great for total peace of mind. Read more in AVC’s Personal Contract Hire with Maintenance guide and get an instant online quote in a matter of seconds on our responsive website.
    • Business Account Eligibility

      If you would like to run your vehicle or vehicles through your business, it is important to understand the criteria that finance companies expect your company to meet in order to fund your contract hire requirement.

      Are you a new business? Do you have a record of adverse credit? Will Director’s Guarantees be needed (otherwise known as Directors Indemnities) and what are they? Will you need to put down extra money initially if you are considered to be a risk and what paperwork will be required in any event?

    • Contract Vehicle Return Policy

      Returning vehicles at the end of any contract hire and leasing agreement can be a source of worry for many Lessees. However, this needn’t be the case if you fully understand the very reasonable terms of hand-back and prepare in advance for when they are due to go back.

      AVC have prepared an easy-to-understand Contract Vehicle Return Policy for you to take a look at; find out what is generally acceptable and unacceptable in terms of vehicle return condition and feel free to contact us if you have any queries that you would like to discuss on 01902 353393.
    • Effective Leasing Rental

      What does effective leasing rental mean? Find out what this means to you as a VAT registered business with AVC’s jargon-free, no-nonsense Effective Leasing Rental guide.
    • Flexi Lease

      Are you looking for a shorter-term contract hire and leasing contract than the norm? All Vehicle Contracts may well have the answer with our unique Flexi-Lease contract option that allows for you to do just that.

      As not all companies offer short term leases, we have prepared a Flexi Lease guide for you that explains how it all works – it could be the perfect option for new employees, contract workers, temporary cars when vehicles are on order and more! Quote Flexi Lease on AVC’s website today or call 01902 353393 to speak with one of the team today.
    • Guide to Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

      What exactly is a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and why would it apply to you if you run a leased vehicle? Have you heard of a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) before? If you haven’t – like many! – this AVC leasing guide to DPF technology may be of particular interest.

      Diesel engine has moved on considerably in recent years and the use of Diesel Particulate Filters is now widespread. Failure to look after your engine in accordance with the requirements that come with having DPF technology could result in some very substantial bills. Read all about it in AVC’s special Guide to Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
    • About Pre Registered vehicles

      What is a pre-registered vehicle? This phrase is often seen when you are searching the internet or speaking with dealers when researching your next vehicle.

      Does taking on a pre-registered – or ‘pre-reg’ – car or van have a detrimental effect on your monthly leasing cost? What about warranty issues? What exactly is a pre-reg vehicle and how does it differ from a stock vehicle? Find out all you need to know with AVC’s pre-registered vehicle guide!
    • Key Information PCP Finance

      You may wonder why and how PCP – personal contract purchase/plan – differs from PCH (personal contract hire). is it worth considering as an alternative to PCH when you are comparing deals?

      AVC explains why it certainly is in this handy PCP finance Key Information guide; on this website you can also get an instant online quote for easy comparison. PCP can offer you the best of both worlds, having the benefit of lower monthly payments than hire purchase and also allowing for an affordable end-of-contract purchase option or the ability to simply hand the vehicle back.
    • Key Information Personal Contract Hire

      What is personal contract hire and is it the right contract for you as an individual? Is it worth comparing it to personal contract purchase (PCP)? Why are the contract payments often very low for the type of car that is on offer – is there a catch?

      These are just some of the many frequently asked questions that we are asked when chatting through the options available to individuals considering PCH as a funding option. If you are happy with taking out a fixed term contract, and would like a very affordable monthly payment and a brand-new car, find out more in AVC’s specially prepared ‘Key Information’ Personal Contract Hire guide!
    • Lease Purchase

      Lease purchase is a great way of vehicle financing if you are a traditionalist when it comes to vehicle acquisition but would still like the benefits of having a lower monthly payment than hire purchase and no set mileage restrictions.

      Find out more about lease purchase and how it could be the perfect form of funding for your new or late used vehicle here in AVC’s handy guide. We are also on-hand to guide you through the process at every stage with our dedicated vehicle finance team that can be reached on 01902 353393.

    • New car taxation rules from April 2017

      If you have not changed your car for some time, or you are new to researching your next vehicle to lease, you may be unaware of the new car taxation rules that were brought in from April 2017.

      In this guide, All Vehicle Contracts provides you with all of the information that you need to make an informed decision when securing a great deal on your car or van. Across AVC’s website, you will find the annual road fund licence (RFL) tax is taken into account and displayed clearly when you get an instant online car or van quote.
    • PCP fair wear and tear guide

      Fair wear and tear – what is it? We all know that over the course of time, any vehicle will display signs of wear in line with its usage, but what is considered to be fair and crucially, how is this determined?

      Obviously, a vehicle that is covering 40k miles per annum is likely to show higher levels or wear and tear than a vehicle that is covering 5k miles per annum. This is all taken into consideration when vehicles are handed back at the end of a contract and this is done so in accordance with agreed guidelines.

    • PCP Vehicle return guide

      The age-old worry that many people have when leasing for the first time is what will happen when the vehicle goes back – will there be huge, unwarranted bills for them to pay? Of course, with PCP you can hand the vehicle back or purchase it at a pre-agreed price that is set at the start of your contract.

      But if you hand it back to the finance company, how and what will you be charged for and how is this determined? Is it regulated and are there set rules? Find out all you need to know with AVC’s PCP Vehicle return guide.
    • Personal Account Eligibility

      When you first set out to research your next car, you may consider leasing as an option. However, there are many who do not consider account eligibility. After all, a funder is buying a vehicle to lease back to you so – even though you may not be buying it outright – your suitability as a Lessee is still an important factor.

      What criteria should you meet? What if you have a poor credit rating or a history of adverse credit? What if you aren’t on the Voter’s Roll or if you don’t own your own home? What if you aren’t employed? There are many ‘what ifs’ but there are also many funding options and we are here to help guide you through the maze of options.

    • Vehicle fair wear and tear guide

      All vehicles that are driven regularly – or even irregularly - are subject to fair wear and tear. There are no finance companies that will charge for this when vehicles are returned, but there are instances where damage is considered to be outside of this remit and if not remedied, charges will apply when they are handed back at the end of the contract term.

      There are clear guidelines on what is considered to be fair wear and tear and what is treated as damage in accordance with industry standard guidelines, although these may vary from lender to lender. AVC’s Vehicle fair wear and tear guide gives you a good insight into what to expect and also how to avoid unnecessary bills when vehicles are returned.
    • Vehicle Order Process

      Just what is involved in the vehicle leasing order process? If you are unsure in any way then you are in the right place! From initial paperwork, details that may be required by the finance company and/or ourselves, proof of identity, finance paperwork, initial payment and even arranging your delivery – everything is covered with AVC’s helpful Vehicle Order Process guide!

      Of course, if you have any further queries or would like to discuss any aspect of the details covered in this guide, feel free to contact one of All Vehicle Contract’s helpful and knowledgeable team on 01902 353393 today!

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