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If you are in the market to lease a new vehicle, we have great news - Collections and Deliveries can once again start taking place.

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Company Information - About Our Website

All Vehicle Contracts Company Information - About Our Website
  • Company Information - About Our Website


    All Vehicle Contracts Limited may also be referred to herein as ‘We’ ‘Company’ ‘AVC’ ‘Us’ ‘Our’ and ‘All Vehicle Contracts’.

    Customers and potential Customers may also be referred to herein as ’You’, ‘Your’ and ‘Clients’.

    Here at AVC, We believe that Our website is key to helping us promote Our many car leasing promotions and market Our services and brand awareness effectively.

    We are focused on offering our Customers a fully functional on-line vehicle leasing and PCP finance quotation system that offers all aspects of vehicle leasing and PCP finance products for business and personal users at the best prices in a quick, clear and transparent format, accessible on all devices.

    AVC are one of the few leasing companies whose website provides their Customers with truly competitive instant online leasing quotes on a full range of cars and commercial vehicles.

    You can choose to select available stock cars or search by promotional offers; whatever you choice may be, your selected vehicle will link to an interchangeable quotation that offers instant leasing quotations on all of our contract hire, leasing, and PCP finance offerings for both business and personal users at the best price.

    Special car and commercial vehicle by availability

    AVC have recognised that many of our Customers require their vehicle to be delivered within a reasonable timeframe, so We have added a separate search facility that lists special offers that are available in stock for speedy delivery, including Pre-Registered vehicles, nearly new cars and stock car offers.

    When it comes to offering available stock cars, AVC are one of the few - or maybe the only company - that offers actual available stock cars on Our website. These listings include priced vehicle specifications ready for You to tailor-make Your own quotations and compare any of Our available lease cars that are ready to go.

    Those that have used our website technology will have experienced real-time quotations that have the ability to link to our full range of funding options. You can also add cost optional extras, view standard equipment and include a full service and maintenance package to your quotation in a matter of seconds.

    Our ongoing and continued investment in website innovation and technology allows Us to continue to take whatever strategic steps and investments are needed to stay ahead of the ever-changing trends within the automotive industry, in order to provide our customers with a better and more optimised website journey.

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