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Contract Hire and Leasing Guide - Key Information Personal Contract Hire

All Vehicle Contracts Contract Hire and Leasing Guide - Key Information Personal Contract Hire
  • Contract Hire and Leasing Guide

    Key Information regarding Personal Contract Hire


    All Vehicle Contracts Limited may also be referred to herein as ‘We’ ‘Company’ ‘AVC’ ‘Us’ ‘Our’ and ‘All Vehicle Contracts’.

    CUstomers and potential CUstomers may also be referred to herein as ’You’, ‘Your’ and ‘Clients’.

    Key Information regarding Personal Contract Hire

    This page will provide You with the facts, offering summarised information and guidance on Personal Contract Hire, as funding method for Your chosen vehicle.

    This link details a full summary of personal contract hire jargon / terminology (Guide to Personal Contract Hire).

    Vehicle Insurance and Personal Contract Hire

    As with any contract or finance agreement, You are required to maintain a fully comprehensive insurance policy until the vehicle is returned.

    Personal Contract Hire Option to Purchase

    You do not have the option to purchase a vehicle under the terms of a personal contract hire agreement. If You require the option to purchase then Personal Contract Hire is not suitable for Your requirements. AVC offer and provide advice regarding alternative funding methods if required.

    Contract Mileage

    Given that the current trend of advertising both business and personal contract hire is on low annual mileage examples, it is wise to check that the annual mileage You have selected is realistic and suitable for Your requirements. This is because excess mileage charges apply as detailed on Your quotation and documentation if You exceed Your contractual mileage.

    If You wish to change Your profile to a more suitable mileage it is advisable to do this prior to the implementation of Your contract. It is possible to make amendments to contracts during the term of the contract but administration costs will be applicable.

    Service and Maintenance Responsibilities - Customer Maintained Personal Contract Hire

    It is Your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is maintained in accordance with Manufacturer’s service intervals, and that the service book is stamped and up to date. It is Your responsibility to ensure the vehicle’s general condition, including tyres and tread depth, are kept within the legal parameters.

    Minimising risk on vehicle contract return

    While the service intervals may vary between different car brands, there are common themes across all car makes and models that call for servicing by dashboard digital request . For example the most common maintenance checks are: 12 months or 10,000 miles for service A and 20,000 for service B which is a more in depth service and therfore more expensive.

    What can be overlooked is that if you have a non-maintained contract and there is a dashboard digital request, or service due prior to the end of contract you would be liable for the costs.  Your vehicles service manual lists the maintenance items to be performed at various mileage intervals, it is in your interest to take this into account to determine if a contract with maintenance may be more suitable for your requirements.

    Personal Contract Hire including Maintenance

    Fully maintained contracts cover the cost of regular services, maintenance and tyres within Your agreement, subject to fair Wear and tear.  If You haven’t opted for inclusive service and maintenance, You still have the option to include this service prior to finalising Your agreement. AVC can quote and arrange this for You if required - find out more about Personal Contract Hire with Maintenance.

    Fixed Penalty Notices / Congestion Charges / Fines and Parking Charges

    Diesel vehicles

    Some diesel vehicles require the addition of ‘AdBlue’ to better manage the vehicle’s emissions. you are responsible for purchasing and maintaining levels of ‘AdBlue’, oil and other vehicle consumables.

    Since 2009, diesel particulate filters have been present in the exhaust to reduce pollution and stop soot passing into the atmosphere. Find out more and see if this to see if vehicles fitted with diesel particulate filters are suitable for Your requirements with our Guide to Diesel-Particulate Filter (DPF).


    If You have opted for a contract over 3 years in duration, You must ensure that Your vehicle is booked in for an M.O.T. and that the test is carried out successfully at Your expense. Failure to do so could lead to recovery of the vehicle and contract termination. The cost of M.O.T. testing and repairs are covered on maintained contracts.

    You are responsible for how you drive and where you park Your vehicle. The funder is the owner and registered keeper of the vehicle so if You commit an offence, they will be contacted by the issuing organisation (e.g. local authority, parking company, police force).

    Examples of these instances are fixed penalty notices, congestion charges, speeding offences, bus lane offences and any other such events. As a result, administration charges for processing these events are applicable.

    End of Personal Contract Hire Agreement Information

    It is Usual practice for the agent of the Contract Hire Company to contact You approximately 3 months before the end of Your contract, to arrange inspection and collection.

    Alternatively, you may call the contract hire company direct Using the contact details contained within the driver pack or on the documentation provided by the contract hire company, to agree and confirm inspection arrangements - find out more about getting ready for Your Contract Vehicle Return.

    Personal Contract Hire Vehicle Return Condition

    When you have entered into a personal contract hire agreement, you have a responsibility to return the vehicle to the contract hire provider or finance company in as good a condition as possible, including service history documents / stamped service booklet, all keys including spares and radio codes, all vehicle accessories (included those when first delivered), in a condition that constitutes that of fair Wear and tear.

    Find out more about what is acceptable and what is not acceptable by clicking here: Leasing Guide - Vehicle Fair Wear and Tear Guide.

    Failure to return the vehicle at the end of the agreement term

    You will continue to pay the monthly rentals until it is collected. The amount You pay per month may be different to the previous monthly rentals depending on Your agreements terms and conditions.

    Extension of Contract Agreement

    You may be able to extend Your agreement for a further period; if You wish to extend AVC will arrange the provision of a quote for your amended future monthly rentals. This would be subject to finance company agreement.

    Settling a Personal Contract Hire Agreement Early

    Early settlement terms and conditions are detailed on Your agreement, but the norm is that no rebates are due if You wish to hand the vehicle back under 12 months into the agreement.

    After 12 months, settlement rebates may be available - they are often a discount of between 20% and 50% on outstanding rentals, plus outstanding excess mileage. Please refer to Your agreement prior to signing as early termination can prove costly.

    Personal Contract Hire Payment Difficulties

    In the event that You are unlikely to be able to meet Your next regular payment, or Your circumstances are changing, You should make contact with finance company as soon as possible to discuss the situation. Additional charges may apply for late or missed payments and this may also affect Your credit rating.

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