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Contract Hire and Leasing Guide - Contract Hire without Maintenance

All Vehicle Contracts Contract Hire and Leasing Guide - Contract Hire without Maintenance
  • Contract Hire without Maintenance

    Our aim is to ensure you have an understanding and recommend that you compare both personal contract hire without maintenance and contract hire with full maintenance prior to signing.

    Personal Contract hire agreements that exclude maintenance exclude cover for all servicing and maintenance costs in therfore they become the responsibility of the customer.

    Contracts that that exclude servicing and maintenance could result in you being faced with unexpected bills, that you have not budgeted for and outside your control and more costly than you think.

    While the service intervals may vary between different car brands, there are common themes across all car makes and models that call for servicing by dashboard digital request. For example the most common maintenance checks are: 12 months or 10,000 miles whichever comes sooner, for service A and 20,000 for service B which is a more in depth service and therfore more expensive.

    The cost of personal contract hire with maintenance could be cheaper and more cost effective than you think. Fully maintained contract agreements are not just for fleets; they are also ideal for individuals who want to fix their costs.

    You will also be responsible for and pay for all tyres that require replacement due to fair wear and tear. Damaged tyres would be your responsibility even if you choose to include maintenance.

    While in some instances reputable non-franchised vehicle servicing points, offer cheaper servicing and repairs the initial saving could result in greater costs, should the dealer fit non-genuine parts, or carry out a poor a repair that could void the warranty and leave you to expose to cover these costs at contract end. The same applies to tyres if fitted with incorrect speed rating or are of a brand not recognized by the manufacturer. 

    We would like to bring to your attention that Contract hire companies are able to spread the scale of maintenance and tyre expenditure risk across thousands of vehicles, which in turn if you a choose personal contract hire with maintenance, that offers you fixed cost vehicle service and maintenance budgeting with no risk of unforeseen maintenance expenditure, unless the fault is caused by miss use or neglect. Things like clutch replacement, battery or mechanical failure happen and sometimes they don’t, but if they do contracts with maintenance will cover these unforeseen costs. Minimising risk on vehicle contract hire return

    I have compared both contract hire with and without maintenance that have been offered to me and understand that should the vehicle be returned at contract end that the customer will be responsible for all costs that have resulted were by the vehicle as not been returned with servicing and part replacement in accordance the manufacturer’s recommendations  

    Quotations are offered free of charge for non-commercial use and for guidance only. Confirmation of accuracy will be confirmed by requesting a formal written quotation or pre-contract order.

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