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Compliance Your Rights - Registration Process

All Vehicle Contracts Compliance Your Rights - Registration Process
  • The All Vehicle Contracts automated registration process has been developed to allow customers free and full use of our fully automated online quotation service and pre-contract order process, allowing customers to receive our latest news letters, that covers the latest editions to our website and special promotions. The registration process also allows the customer to opt out of receiving marketing promotions if they chose to do so.

    Online account management that is paperless and convenient, is only available to registered users of our website. Registration allows us to remember you when you visit and provide you with a convenient and secure account management system that includes security safeguards to detect and manage fraud and abuse, and generally serve you better; let’s find out more.

    Registration process

    To remember you, our website uses cookies that are widely used on the internet. Cookies and similar technology make it easier for you to register and log in and out for use of our websites during future visits.

    We endeavour to create a secure and reliable registration procedure. Prior to activating your registration, our software sends an automated email to the email address provided which contains a unique pass-phrase that is valid until the brower (or tab page) is closed.

    Registration confirmation

    Once the pass-phrase is entered the registration process will be complete, unless the registration is for a company in which case additional company information will be requested. The login process can be accessed at any time, by entering both email and valid password. Cookies will ensure automatic login registration has been completed and remember the user has previously logged in. A forgotten password facility is available to the registered email only.

    Registration required for the following:
    • Online vehicle order requests
    • Online vehicle order tracking
    • Online vehicle wish list garage portal
    • Registration for electronic news letters and online marketing
    Information required for registration business users and limited companies:
    • Contact or administrator details
    • Administrator contact that require multiple vehicle and driver overview
    • Contact email and contact phone numbers
    • Company details
    • Company registration number
    • Opt in or out confirmation to receive news letters or electronic mailing
    • Confirmation of terms and agreement of website use
    Information required for non-business users and personal users:
    • Contact details
    • Contact email and contact phone numbers
    • Opt in or out confirmation to receive news letters or electronic mailing
    • Confirmation of terms and agreement of website use
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