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Jaguar I Pace Car Contract Hire, Leasing and PCP Offers

Jaguar I-Pace electric car SUV EV

Jaguar was fairly late to join the SUV party with the top-selling F-Pace, but it is streets ahead with the Jaguar I-Pace. As Jaguar’s first electric car, its only real rival is the Tesla Model X – for now, anyway.

Driving enthusiasts need not fear that the fun is lacking when it comes to the all-important thrill-factor; the I-Pace EV SUV hits 62mph in 4.8 seconds and handles like a dream.

The I-Pace looks the part, too, with a masculine, sporty design and a cockpit-like yet spacious interior crammed full with the very latest in-car tech. This practical EV sports utility vehicle also boasts a real-world range of 298 miles.

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