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Subaru Forester SUV

Is it a sports utility vehicle or is it an estate car? The Subaru Forester sits in the fashionable SUV sector yet it makes no claims to be one in terms of styling.

The Forester, now in its fourth generation, was launched in 1997 and has a loyal fan base of returning buyers. It was one of the first crossover vehicles, bringing tough four-wheel drive and a large estate vehicle body to the party in one package, ironically setting the trend in the first place.

Country dwellers in particular love it. The Subaru Forester does what it says on the tin; it is classy, practical, and unpretentious. It may not scream ‘bling’, but all discerning buyers know that the Forester is a car that doesn’t come cheap.

Don’t lose heart, however, if you have set your sights on driving a Subaru Forester SUV. Compare our highly competitive lease, contract hire, PCP and finance deals online today!
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